2 min readSep 3, 2021


Feminism – the belief that women should have the same rights and opportunities as men. Well, noted. We thought this revolutionary word would bring us all the euphoria and jubilation. We thought now nothing stands on way to our happiness.

But, Are we really that happy?

In the name of feminism, we have built this milieu of man-hating concept, where we suppose all men are our enemies.

Men says, look closely, everything we have today – from buildings to skyscrapers are built by men. Women would strike back with the fact that look closer, everyone around us are birthed by women. And the contest would just go on. Does it have an end ? I personally don’t think so.

They say, the times have changed. To be born as a woman in the 21st century, we probably are the happiest because never in the history have we enjoyed such an egalitarian society with equal rights and equal opportunities. Is it ? Are we really that joyful? Have our ambitions made us reach the pinnacle of the happiness mountain ? Something to really reflect on !

I do not deny that women’s issues like right to education, sanitary hygiene needs more attention than ever and similarly men’s issues like false rape accusation, biased custody battles stand in need of heed.

But I do think in the name of feminism, we are teaching young women that social institutions like marriage is an oppressive practice. In the name of feminism, we are conditioning our girls to pay no attention to the unique and valued – contributions of both the gender to the society.

In the name of feminism , we push our daughters to pursue long and emotionally taxing careers, we tell our daughters that the most fundamental undertaking are only high paying jobs but not family or relationships for that matter. We forget to tell them that balance is the key.

In some extreme situations, women are asked to work against their natural instincts.

I am not a feminist because I rather choose the word liberal. As human beings, we should be free to choose however we want our life paths should be as long as it is meaningful and value – giving.

For me, being liberal is - all we are here to give you a choice and not look down upon you to make that choice until you do take the full responsibility of consequences of that choice.




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