If any human being is to reach full maturity both the masculine and feminine sides of the personality must be brought up into consciousness ~ Mary Esther Harding

Why do we need the word feminism ? The word itself is a paradox. I understand that the word claims to have equal opportunities which is in actual an outstanding idea and I’m totally in for it.

It is in fact an intolerable act when parents, given a chance to educate one out of two, choose their sons to be educated and I would never stand in support for such a thing.

But if feminism is all about equal opportunities, don’t we already have a word for it – EQUALITY or EGALITARIANISM ?

Why is it a man or a woman’s thing ? Can we not just jot down that we belong to the same species ?

In the name of feminism, our society only looks upto masculinity and somehow has started to degrade the aspects of femininity. The whole idea of achieving success in life is becoming entirely masculine. Women want to act like men because they have come to know that it is the only way to succeed.

Don’t you think that we need a shift ?

Sun and moon, light and dark, yin and yang are universal truths of life.

So why is our society only obsessing over masculine traits ? We only look upto power, action, structure, reason and logic and rather look down upon emotions, nurturing and receptivity. What about the balance ? Our society definitely seems to be lost on that. There is no chance a society which only accentuates masculine energy will come to flourish.

Being a feminist is now meaning to become wholly and solely masculine and blindly competing with masculinity. Women are looking down upon women for wanting to have kids or wanting to quit their jobs because they choose to be a SAHM.

The subtler aspect of life seems to be lost when everyone just wants to hustle hard. Women already feel drained trying to be men in the men’s world. There is a reason why Liz Gilbert said ‘Grace will take you places hustling can’t’. The meaning of success is only fixated on the masculine energy within. There is no denial that all of us to become a full-fledged human being, should strive to balance both the masculine and feminine energies.

How about we build a society where we do not look down upon feminine traits and acknowledge the necessity of existence of balance of both the energies.

Femininity should not be victorious as masculinity and vice versa. Femininity should triumph as femininity.

How about we build a society where men’s masculinity is not threatened if they express themselves emotionally ? The society in which we no longer make masculinity as the primary model by which we measure our success in life.

How about we equally embrace the feminine energy of flow and surrender, creativity, stillness and sensitivity ?

A seed planted in New Delhi who mostly wants to grow through reading and writing ! 📍