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Camille is in her mid thirties who on the outer surface seems to have a perfect life. A handsome husband, a son and a good job.

Despite of all she still feels overwhelmed and would conclude herself to be unhappy. She feels a lack of enthusiasm for life and is really low on energy.

One fine day, she stumbles upon a man who claims to be a routinologist. The man introduces himself as Claude Dupontel and diagnose Camille with acute routinis.

The terminology in the book came across as gripping. Claude works with Camille to facilitate her to reclaim her life back. The coolest part is that he would work so hard to help someone with no guarantee of being paid. The reason behind it is fascinating but would give a spoiler.

Camille when contemplating over Claude’s offer solidly felt that she would be the one on loss if she happens to decline it.

The book offer some solid life advices and is a very easy going read. I think all the women out there would love it.

Lessons I learnt from Claude

  1. We must fulfil our potential, to learn to know ourselves, to become aware that time is short and to make choices that matter.
  2. Choosing the virtuous circle over the vicious circle. Communicative enthusiasm over lack of energy. Ability to take care of oneself over failure to take care of oneself. Creativity over lack of opening. Feeling of getting nowhere over to ability to bounce back.
  3. To really listen to what the other person is saying. Also, to be aware that it is rare to find someone who truly listens.
  4. Choose ‘dry empathy’ over ‘wet empathy’. Dry empathy is you manage to hear and share the problems but you don’t let yourself be contaminated by dark thoughts. You got to be a ‘good egg’ all the time or at least most of the times.
  5. Rediscovering my needs and core values.
  6. Choose an image/style that highlights my personality.
  7. To not see the mud at the bottom but gaze lotus flower floating on the surface.
  8. Be good at what I do. Be sincere and generous.
  9. To act of course but not give in to useless pressure. To understand the huge difference between good and bad stress.
  10. In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins, not through strength but by perseverance.




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