“I need to work harder because hell yes, I want to do great things. The retirement plans are mapped out, I want to save so many lives, make this planet a better place for animals. I think I am going to buy some wide space animal farm, I am going to keep all of them there, that would be their paradise and I’d be the guardian angel. The world would look so much better”

If you are an animal lover, the following plans are inevitable to your soul. In fact more so, they can push you to work harder than ever.

I also thought if huge amount of money would flow in and when I would have some downtime, I knew where my energy could go. However, when I saw animal rescuers (few of my very close friends) spending their every ounce of being to save a life, I was indisputably swamped by the amount of courage it required. I inherently concluded I could never do anything for them.

Until a friend calls

“Hey gauri, there is this kitten who came from no where, since there are already two cats at my place, I am in dire need for some space, could you keep the kitten in the vacant room that you have on your terrace, I’ll make sure she has food and litter at all times”

I gave a yes with ‘umm, ok, I am not sure though if I am the right person’ !

Millions of people on this Earth experience their pets changing everything for them and I couldn’t agree more, Duke (my dog) changed the person I was. I was aware of it but that was it, my bounded capacity and I knew I couldn’t surpass it.


CHARLIE changed everything.

I still can’t believe I have a full rescue list of my kids and how they are blooming at their respective homes. I never thought I would have something like this to celebrate with the world.


When Charlie crashed at my place, he had a severe separation anxiety. His ceaseless howls (even during eating) made my mum furious with my yes to my friend and I was allotted with a double task, pacifying Charlie and my mom. After a lot of effort, Charlie finally gave up the howls after 4 days.

Just after spending few days with Charlie, I couldn’t escape the feeling of responsibility that started to daunt upon me.

Where would he go ?

What kind of life will he have ?

The next thing I found myself doing was calling up my friend and informing him about the task that I would be undertaking – Get Charlie a good home !!

I came across two sisters who decided to go aboard on the journey to take Charlie home until he managed to run off from the basket. Yes, you read it right ! He ran off, literally, he was lost. Charlie was lost.

The ground beneath me started to shake when I heard over the call that Charlie is no where to be seen because these sisters while on way back to their home met with a minor accident in a market crammed full of people.

That was it. I was done. I ended up having a heated dialogue with God.

If only I wouldn’t have looked for Charlie after my mom spurring some out of the question possibility for continuous 3 days, I could have never spotted Charlie. It was a miracle. A miracle which had to take place to restore my faith in God and his world.

Charlie is now adopted in a different family and his humans loves him to pieces, he also has a cat brother whom the family happened to adopt after they adopted Charlie.


Wooly happened to be dropped at my place when one friend called in emergency that three kittens were found abandoned out of one had an injury on the left of her eye.

After cleaning Wooly’s wound, I was all set to get her recovered from the vet until he broke the news – ‘her cornea is damaged, her eye will never recover’.

An undeniable fear started to scream out loud within me while way back from the vet’s clinic. I was aware that odds of getting a good home to the one eyed kitten were extremely less. Knowing that my dog would never accept a cat or even another pet for that matter confronted all those dreadful thoughts in me.

Nevertheless, Wooly’s purr and constant need of attention asked me to proclaim to the universe, someone somewhere had to be there for Wooly !

I reached out to multiple social media influencers, requesting them to put Wooly’s story. Called my friend who happens to be a professional photographer to inform him about his upcoming model – Wooly, the pirate kitten.

‘You know, I am really rooting for her, she is such a cuddly kitten, she deserves all the love’- totally annoyed my friends with these group of words.

Finally, I happened to come across a married couple who decided to take Wooly home. I will always owe it to them to have such a big heart.

Wooly will now have a safety blanket at all times. Yet again Wooly’s one eye will recite her story to the world.

My journey of fostering kittens has not been a smooth sail. I fostered 40 plus kittens personally and got them homes ! Apart from that, with the help of some wonderful humans, I had gotten 90 plus kids (cats and dogs) forever homes. The number still seem a minuscule effort to me knowing that there are despairing amount of animals out there who are in desperate need of homes. I still do feel I couldn’t do anything at large but when I happen to come across the updates I get from the pet parents, I realise I made a difference. I realise it was something I never thought I could do. I realise we all can be braver than we think we are and we all can make this world a little better, a little kinder.



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