2 min readOct 8, 2022
Gauri, age 29 years.

I’m hitting thirty in few months and I am nervous about it. I had only heard about thirties from the people around me. Well now, I am going to taste it. This seems daunting already.

Every October of twenties felt home!

October’s of thirties were miles away.

But they are here now!

Thoughts about where am I in life in thirties? Does it match with the picture I had in my mind? Well no. Not even near.

My own world and the world outside always differs! Isn’t that what I learnt in twenties?

A friend of mine yesterday said something beautiful.

He said thirties can be the best decade of one’s life. Because your twenties made you clear what you don’t want in life…

That felt staunch and surreal.

That felt like I had swung my legs out of the bed of twenties, few rivulets of rain trickled down the window and a tiny ray of sunlight beaming was now clear. It was tiny but it was there and I was ready to take it with wide and open arms. Because on the arrival of spring, the snow flake melts one at a time. They do not melt together. And I just witnessed the first flake melting!

So thirties, honey, you are going to be mine now and you are going to be good.




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