2 min readJun 11, 2022
Delhi Metro Rail, New Delhi, India.


I was peering at the recent emails in my phone while sitting on a reclusive seat in the women’s compartment of Delhi Metro.

I saw the woman sitting right in front of me trying to rearrange and reorganise her stuff from the bag.

The next station to get off was here already.

I tried to bring back my attention towards the phone in my hand when an umbrella right in front of me distracted me.

I realised it was that woman’s umbrella. She had departed to make an exit from the following station. While in confusion of rearranging her stuff, she left it there, at the seat. I tried to spot her but couldn’t. She had already made the exit.

Two women just adjacent to my seat row paid full attention to the whole happening.

I asked them why didn’t they remind her of her umbrella that she had left mistakenly.

They gave a face of why-would-they ?
While coming back, I kept thinking. We can do better than this.


In Delhi Metro Rails, the first coach of the two six-coach metro trains is only occupied by female passengers.

That implies that if male passengers steps on the ladies coach, they would be charged a fine.

Two middle aged men who probably were travelling via Delhi metro for the very first time inadvertently got on to the ladies compartment of the train.

Suddenly, I heard one woman yelling.

“Don’t go from here. No no wait! You will be fined and we want to see. No where are you going now? We want to see you getting fined”

Confused and nervous, the men frantically left the women’s coach.

I mean seriously ?

I suppose, there is a way to introduce precepts to someone who is a new guest in your city.

Yet again, I thought. We can do a lot better than this.




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