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Dear Empath,

I know the darkness of the world gets to you. You feel everyone’s pain so strongly and the urge to fix it gets on your nerves. You got to be open to the wonders of sensitivities around you, be open to what you feel and not hide your gifts. You have to stand in your power and have the courage to follow your heart. I know you go through compassion fatigue a lot more than others do but you have to be rest assured that the energy within you will revive your joy.

Do not stop being the shining light that you already are, the world needs you !

If you are an empath, you naturally and intrinsically have heightened awareness of your surroundings, the awareness of the touch, smell, sounds and lights.

You have found yourself drained in the situations where most people tend to thrive. You definitely have found yourself zapped with those harsh fluorescent bulbs and have been agitated with that cluttered space.

As an empath, the most important thing that has helped me to navigate my way and live a more fulfilling life is the self-awareness and acknowledging myself as an empath. It has facilitated me to respect my choices and to see them as they are. That does not mean that I no longer struggle with my choices, I definitely do but I don’t get distressed about the reasons for picking those particular choices.

Self awareness plays a key role when it comes to creating joy in our life and aids us to become a full fledged human beings. I do wish that elementary schools and middle schools introduce programs which aids kids that leads them to create a sense of self awareness. Self awareness that’s beyond their formal education. Self awareness that genuinely leads them to forging paths which they are themselves proud of.

An awareness of being an empath has actually made me slowed down and has literally stopped me from getting frustrated with loudness in my environment. I know a lot of people who are empaths and they get enormously infuriated with so much going on in the world. To live and thrive as an empath is not easy, especially when most of the world is dripping with material possessions.

When I was informed about what would add value to my life as an empath, I no longer felt trapped. It had allowed me to take a role where I am not obliged to fix everything and everyone. It has prevented me to exhaust myself and perceive the world which has less weight.

If you are steering gears of life as an empath, just the awareness about it would make so much difference to your life. I am only saying this because I saw the difference it made in my life. As an empath, I would love to reach out to other empaths of the world and make them acquainted with the information below.

1. We don’t like claustrophobic spaces.

As an empath, I never found myself drawn to shopping malls and skyscrapers. The energy of the place matters a lot to us, this is the sole reason why we are very mindful of what is kept in our houses and our rooms.

If there are too many electronic devices in our environment, it can drain us. We are particularly susceptible to electromagnetic radiations that cell phones and computers emit.

2. We have special affinity for Animals, Plants and Earth.

Yes, we are the people who are deeply concerned about climate change. We find it really hard to let go of certain acts that are done by humanity. For instance, using plastic bags mindlessly can really get on our nerves. We can connect to animals and plants on really deep levels. We love nature and can often find ourselves in the act of earthing even in the busyness of urban daze. We hardly can see an animal suffering, the pain really gets to us.

3. We generally dislike the adrenaline rush.

After getting to know the attributes of empaths, I could conclude why I was never on the pursuit of new highs that bungee jumping or cliff diving could give. In fact, even the noise of violent films can get to us and we find it difficult to tolerate the high stimulation of music events, we do get overwhelmed easily.

4. We are naturally giving.

Empaths in general have an intrinsically giving attribute and they often love to fulfil this role. For us, emotional bonding and a sense of family are the gifts of life. We want to live and explore that fully. Our friends call us their all time therapists because we have a deep sense of feeling and have the ability to put ourselves in their shoes.

5. We prefer quietness.

We are usually quiet people and we love the slower pace of life. We are very vigilant of the sounds we have in our environment. We are easily overwhelmed by yelling and loud voices. We prefer people who are quiet over the people who talk a lot. We prefer spaces which are noiseless and cherish the state of tranquility it brings.

6. It really matters for us to know that our work is making a difference.

Empaths in general do not find themselves inclined towards careers where everything is only business oriented. They look forward to the work where they could be of service to others. That gives them a justified sense of existence. We admire people who are making a difference and can often find ourselves getting inspired by them.

Other affinities of empaths that I would want to mention is that we are water people and love our meditative showers. We have a strong sense of determining energies of people and places. We consider integrity and take commitments for exactly as they are. It’s extremely common for our friends to call us ‘old souls’.

As long as we will have out and out awareness about our personalities, we will become equipped with lifting ourselves and the people around us.

As an empath, knowledge about our own self would let us experience life in a much better way. Let us cherish the light within us and not let the darkness of ignorance dim that light.




A seed planted in New Delhi who mostly wants to grow through reading and writing. Also, a STEM educator who is passionate for art and poetry !