2 min readJun 23, 2023

Come, sit with me

I wanted to reveal

I’m a river

Pay attention to the flow


I ask you to be my riverbank

My love languages are also poems

The best thing you can do it to me is to write handwritten letters every now and then

Hide them in my books

When I try to find my favourite book

I end up smiling at your love notes

That are stuck on the covers

Teach me

That the most precious language of affection

Is Patience

And the only priceless love is


Dal Lake, Srinagar, India

Far far away from the drama and fights

You and me in the crescent moon nights

Holding hands

I’ll whisper in your ears

“There is sunset and then there is you

Perhaps, I’m glad I found you”

Srinagar, India

We go to deep sleep

Our love, draped in kindness

Wrapping us in the warmth


That we found each other

In between love and the laughter




A seed planted in New Delhi who mostly wants to grow through reading and writing. Also, a STEM educator who is passionate for art and poetry !