New Delhi, India.

She said “My time will also come one day”

That means your time isn’t today?
That means you are saying today is not good enough?
But there are infinite things for which you can be grateful for today.

Today is a gift. Not everyone woke up today.

Thank you Universe for Today.

~Lessons from Buddhism



Lodhi Gardens, New Delhi, India.

I thought grown ups understood what life means and what death does.

I thought they were practically a pro at life unlike I was, a little curious girl who was excited to step on Earth and decided to make the most of it.

I wanted to know about planet Earth and I just couldn’t wait to be one of the grown up until they revealed they were as clueless as me.

They too were doing life first time.

They too don’t have answers to all the questions.



Deer Park, Hauz Khan, New Delhi.

Days when you feel completely lost. Ok so where exactly is your life going ?

An absolute mesh of you shouldn’t feel this way yet you carry this crappy emotion with I-am-absolutely-ok face.

Trying to roar for life.
See myself as a ruler of a fallen empire?

No — no — the crazy lady whispering in my ears, hear that! Those are your neglected muscles, hear them warily.

I re-iterated that fable to her.

The girl riding the horse couldn’t see anything except dark. She panics and says to the horse, “I just can’t see anything” to which the horse replied, “Can you see the next step?”

The girl replies ‘yes’

The horse then says “SO, JUST TAKE THAT”





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