The paradox of being a human!
How are you? How is life?

How many times do you ask those questions? We all ask meaningful questions with arbitrary answers.

“I’m fine”

“I’m doing good”

When something like that happens remember the truth about letting go.

It will never take a single shape or form.

It will happen in stops and starts!

You will find yourself in between the two worlds.

The world which is wide open and the world where all the doors are slamming shut.



Miss Witman on terrace, 10 am vibes.

Have you ever lost your phone
Or those keys?

Then you suddenly realise you were holding it all along.

Do you feel that you lost faith and hope?
And you are just not able to find it.

Look intensely, look carefully!
It’s there! Yes right there in your hands, INTACT!



Mussoorie, India.

The only single thing we all have is hope. I still struggle with the fact of how much or how less shall I disclose.

I write not to trigger myself or to trigger victims of the corrupt mind but to comfort them that there shall be a beacon of hope beyond all of it.

There shall be a bigger picture to all of it. I don’t want you to deny darkness because denial of darkness will never bring you closer to the light.

And that’s what makes it insanely priceless.

That’s what makes courage woven to our skin.

It is now time to welcome with a face that looks like serenity, spreading the arms wide and calling upon the beautiful hurricane which is named as




New Delhi, India.
  1. Having integrity.
  2. Aiming at personal growth as a human being.
  3. Looking for purpose and meaning to life.
  4. Believing in value-based existence.
  5. Grace over things.
  6. Kindness.
  7. Consciously looking for a room to grow.
  8. Taking criticism as constructive criticism no matter how hard it is. And yes it does get hard, very hard.
  9. Being true to yourself instead of trying to fit in.
  10. Listening to your inner voice.
  11. Learning to say ‘No’.
  12. Learning to acknowledge your eccentricities.
  13. Last but not the least, buying fresh flowers.



Lodhi Gardens, New Delhi, India.

Silence should not be mistaken that the person doesn’t know what he/she is doing.

Silence doesn’t mean that the person doesn’t have his/her own way of percieving the world and his/her own unique thought process.

Silence doesn’t mean that the person is asking for your opinions and suggestions.

Silence doesn’t mean that he/she is liking your verbose temperament.

Silence doesn’t mean that the person is oblivious to the solutions of the problem.


Silence means that person doesn’t want to get into drama. It could mean that the person doesn’t want to waste energy on a stupid way of life.

It means that the person is fully aware that actions speaks louder than words.



New Delhi, India.

She said “My time will also come one day”

That means your time isn’t today?
That means you are saying today is not good enough?
But there are infinite things for which you can be grateful for today.

Today is a gift. Not everyone woke up today.

Thank you Universe for Today.

~Lessons from Buddhism




A seed planted in New Delhi who mostly wants to grow through reading and writing. Also, a STEM educator who is passionate for art and poetry !