3 min readDec 12, 2022
  1. Laughter attack with your best friend. (a soul laugh)

2. Laying with your pet on bed after a long day at work.

3. A beautiful tree that you spot in a traffic jam.

4. Situations where you were easily able to differentiate the difference between reacting and responding. And you chose to respond instead of react.

5. Sleeping in a moving car at night. I just find that so comforting.

6. Pulling off warm socks when you enter home in the winter chill.

7. Wrapping hands around hot cup of tea/coffee.

8. A kind gesture from a stranger which suddenly makes the world better than it was two minutes ago.

9. Coming home to a loved one after a long day at work, talking to him/her on tea.

10. Taking a fresh warm bubble bath.

11. The sound of the footsteps of your pet.

12. The warmth/scent of clean clothes which have just come out from the dryer.

13. Watering the plants, the tiny droplets on the green leaves.

14. Looking at the moon, simply looking at the moon.

15. Clean and warm bed after a long travel.

16. Hot and fresh food in winters.

17. Drying wet hair in the winter sun.

18. Coming across a stranger whose energy feels home.

19. That moment when someone mentions your favourite book. The world instantly becomes a place of belonging.

20. Cat Purrr.

21. Clean and organised wardrobe.

22. The moment after you are done with a good workout session.




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